On Canal

On Canal is a project birthed by Vibes Studios and is in partnership with Wallplay.

The studio was asked by a landlord on the block, “How do I build community on Canal Street?” And our answer was “On Canal.” On Canal is an ever growing  concept. The concept was to give the artists and creatives the spotlight, to lead with them and build around them. It was to give them the opportunity and support they wouldn’t usually have because something like this never really existed. Second comes the brands, because we believe the key to a thriving shopping destination is to have offerings that aren’t  just commerce based. People want more today and expect it. They don’t need to come to your mall, or store. You need to give them a reason thats not only a sweater they can buy online. You need to offer value that isn't defined by a dollar.  On Canal grew into a community and a revolving door where people walk through our venues not knowing what the context is but somehow always finding themselves there. Canal street was once a place we ignored but now its where we want to be. 

Office magazine put it really well - “On Canal is proving to be more than just an artistic resurrection, its a fully formed urban renewal project pledging new, colorful life to 20 previously vacant storefronts.”

If you're a brand or artist and you want to get involved contact us or visit our projects website - OnCanal.NYC

Below are some examples of installations we curated, brands who popped up and the vibe of the block. 


HOVVER On Canal 


Floating Points On Canal 


Jacob Fisher Studio On Canal 


Kid Super On Canal 


Telfar On Canal 


Krost New York On Canal 


SEKTOR on Canal 


Offline Projects On Canal 


Foo and Foo On Canal