On Canal

ON CANAL is made up  of 22 consecutive storefronts on one of the busiest pedestrian thoroughfares in New York City, Canal Street between Broadway and West Broadway. These spaces, which once sat vacant, are now operated by Wallplay and creative directed by Vibes Studios for short term use. On Canal merges art with brand  popups, emerging technology  and immersive installations  over a concentrated 3 block span, making it the world’s first  district for popups. 

If you're a brand or artist and you want to get involved contact us or visit our projects website - OnCanal.NYC

Below are some examples of installations we curated, brands who popped up and the vibe of the block. 


HOVVER On Canal 


Floating Points On Canal 


Jacob Fisher Studio On Canal 


Kid Super On Canal 


Telfar On Canal 


Krost New York On Canal 


SEKTOR on Canal 


Offline Projects On Canal 


Foo and Foo On Canal